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Guide to Choosing a Mother of the Bride Dress

January 24, 2014

Your daughter's big day is right up there with your own in terms of the very most memorable, joyous occasions in your life. While the spotlight is fixed on the bride during her special day, choosing a gown is an essential decision for you personally, too. It is in addition crucial to ensure that you appear your very best, for this exciting milestone. 

What If the Mother of the Bride Wear to a Wedding?

The first step to dress searching for the mother of the bride is consulting with the bride. Choices that have been once dictated by strict rules of ethics are actually quite definitely around the couple tying the knot, so you may need to talk to your daughter to obtain a sense of her expectations. Former faux pas like wearing white (risking a clash with the bride), black (indicating mourning) or red (too flashy) are perfectly acceptable now, as long as you have the bride's blessing.

Before you begin shopping, make certain that the wedding's theme, colors and degree of formality have already been established. This can help you narrow down your choices and make certain that you don't look out of devote the wedding party. But don't wait too long, either. It's smart allowing about three months for almost any necessary alterations to be made. You'll have enough to stress about because the big day approaches, so get your dress looked after well in advance.

What Color Does the Mother of the Bride Wear?

If the bride rules out a color you want, such as white or black, you are able to accommodate her wishes by choosing a similar shade -- think champagne or silver instead of white, and midnight blue or dark charcoal instead of black. If you love bold hues but don't desire to call an excessive amount of attention to yourself with overly bright colors, choose for a deeper or lighter version just like a deep burgundy or even a soft rose instead of red.

What about coordinating with the bridal party? Again, it's around the bride. A wedding party dressed up in perfectly matching shades creates dramatic photos and a sense of aesthetic unity, but mismatched and rainbow looks are popular wedding trends that can be in the same way striking. A good compromise is choosing a gown that complements the bridesmaids'gowns without matching them perfectly. If the bridal party is wearing royal blue, you could wear navy; if they're in purple, choose a dress in lavender. Stay within the same color spectrum for a harmonious look that'll still set you apart.
What Does the Mother of the Bride Wear
So here's the big question, what can you wear? First and foremost, choose a dress that's flattering on your own body. Unless your daughter is okay with it, don't pick something that's too sexy or revealing. As MOB, you intend to look classy and elegant.
Choose a gown you will be comfortable set for a lengthy period of time. You'll be active, meeting and greeting guests, and perhaps dancing forever long, so you want a dress that you'll be comfortable in. This is going to be considered a long day and probably exhausting, so being uncomfortable may make your day less enjoyable.
While picking the dress, you ought to keep in mind the venue and formality of the wedding day. You want a dress that complements you, the theme of the wedding and also the venue. If your daughter is having a beach wedding, you'd not desire to opt for a ball gown. Vice versa, if she is having an official wedding, you wouldn't want showing up in beach/summer style dress.
The latest trend for bridesmaids dresses are sequins. If her bridesmaids are wearing sequin dresses, she may want you to match with them and have only a little sequin and sparkle on your own dress. To match a bridal party wearing sequin dresses, an elegant lace and sequin mother of the bride dress with a cap sleeve could be the right choice. An outfit like this will make you feel just like you are a part of your daughter's bridal party.
If sequins aren't area of the bride's agenda or if you're not comfortable in sequins, there are lots of other options. You are able to never make a mistake with a flattering, classic evening dress that has a little lace to capture the elegant feel. This kind of dress fits ideal for an official wedding, bringing sophistication and timeless grace together. The most crucial thing when choosing a gown is always to ensure you feel great wearing it.